We have a variety of community service projects available for 
Rotarians and Rotary Volunteers.  
Some take very little time or effort, others require a greater committment.  
Let's see what fits you best!

Get Involved Today!

Interested in helping to start a new community service project?  Call Contact us today for more information!

Do you have any ideas for a way to make a difference 
in our community?  Get involved today!

Interested in community service?  
Want to get involved in taking care of the needs of the the kids and families 
in the area that need food or assistance?  
Want to help provide scholarships for the seniors at the high school?  

Would you like to join our local Rotary Club?
It is a great way to get involved in making a difference 
right here in our community.  
Our service projects make a tremendous difference 
right here in Mercer County and all around the world.  
Rotary Club is a great place to network with other people 
and professionals from the area.